IDMS SIGNON task accepting password without it being visible
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IDMS SIGNON task accepting password without it being visible


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Is there a way to prevent the IDMS SIGNON task from only accepting the user's password without it being visible when using a single line? Example:

SIGNON userid password  

I would like the password not to be displayed.


IDMS 19.0


The documentation on the SIGNON System Task explains how specifying the password works:

Supplying your password

You can specify your password along with or after entering your user ID.  

    • If your password is not confidential, you can enter it along with your user ID on the same line. Your password is displayed when you type it. For example:
      Vnnn ENTER NEXT TASK CODE:      CA IDMS release nn.n tape volser node nodename 
       signon user1 allpass

    • If your password is confidential, enter your password after you have typed your user ID and pressed Enter. DC/UCF prompts you to type the password. Your password is not displayed on the screen when you type it.

Optional bit 220 can also be enabled in RHDCOPTF to force the password be entered on the second line in a darkened field after pressing Enter. It will ignore the password entered on the SIGNON command line.

However, there is nothing to stop the user from putting the password in the command line. 

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