JCPs in active/active environment only start on one server
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JCPs in active/active environment only start on one server


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In an active/active multi server setup, the JCP processes only start on one server. 

Trying to start the JCP on the second server returned the error message:

U02001017 It was not possible to create a listen socket because port number '8444' is already in use.


Automic v21


The hostname in the ucsrv.ini file on both AE servers had the same server name. 


Stopped both AE systems.
On the second server, updated the ucsrv.ini to change the hostname value from  


Started Automic on server one, verified it was up and running and could log in, then started Automic on server two.

JCPs were running on both servers as expected.

Additional Information

The problem was that on both servers, ucsrv.ini had


but they also both had the hostname set as

The system on server 2 was started, and JCPs were started as 

Then the system on server 1 was started and the JCP couldn't start because port 8444 was already being used by

As soon as the hostname on server 2 was updated correctly, everything started as expected.