unable to ACK the alarm in the operator console
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unable to ACK the alarm in the operator console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When trying to acknowledge an alarm in the Operator's alarm console, the HTTP 400 error with "(120) callback error" message is returned in the developer's tools network tab. 

After investigating the EMS logs (logging level 5), the following errors are visible:

"Requested versioned row was not found. Your tempdb is probably out of space. Please refer to BOL on how to configure tempdb for versioning."


DX UIM Operator console 20.4.x / 23.4.x 



tempdb system database is full


This is more a database issue than a UIM issue.

Work with your DBA team to ensure the tempdb system database is maintained correctly and is not running out of space/size.

Increase the size assigned for tempdb or clean it out if needed.