Does Automation Point have to be logged into windows at all times to run?
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Does Automation Point have to be logged into windows at all times to run?


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We currently have automation point running on a Windows server, which is logged in using an administrators ID in order to launch and run the application.   It sends SNMP traps to Spectrum and generates alerts for the Tandem and mainframe sessions.   If the userID is logged off then the application closes automatically.  Can the application somehow continue to run without needing a USERID logged in?


Automation Point R11.7 and above


First, if a user logs into the Windows server and starts the Automation Point (AP) desktop, then AP will stop as soon as the user logs off.

In order to run AP without logging on, or to leave it it active upon logoff, then the AP desktop application cannot be used as the interface to the AP Server.   Instead use the AP Remote Viewer to access the the desktop, even if you are locally on the AP server.

To do this, set the startup option to Automatic, and then AP is started after the reboot of Windows automatically, and it requires no logon.

If you are logged on, you can switch the Automatic feature on and off via the AP Configuration Manager, Infrastructure Services menu, option CA-AP Autostart Manager, OR via the Windows Services menu the same services name.   With this option, no one has to be logged on in order to run AP.  It only requires an active Windows Server.   

In the AP Remote Viewer, you can save a layout so that you see the same view and screens as the AP desktop.