VMware NSX Alarms UI displays "IP Pool Usage very high"
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VMware NSX Alarms UI displays "IP Pool Usage very high"


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VMware NSX Networking


This article provides resolution when the VMware NSX Home > Alarms UI displays the following event:

Event ID: IP Pool Usage Very High


VMware NSX 3.1.2


While allocating the IP from the IP pool, NSX checks that the total remaining IPs for allocation should not be less than 10%. If the remaining IPs for further IP allocation is less than 10% VMware NSX raises an alarm.


Note:  A maintenance window is not required for remediation.


Review the IP pool usage. You can resolve it by any of the below mentioned steps:

  • Add new subnet in IP pool, this will extend the available range of IPs for allocations.
  • Create a new IP pool and use it for allocation.
  • Release the unused IP allocations from IP pool. Contact VMware support for this process. 

Note: Releasing the IPAllocations must be done carefully, only after confirming that the given IP is not being used anywhere, else it will create issue with other systems.


You may not be able to allocate an IP from IP Pool in future, due to limited IPs available in IP Pool for allocation.


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