VMware NSX MP2Policy Migration Remediation Tool Documentation
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VMware NSX MP2Policy Migration Remediation Tool Documentation


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VMware NSX Networking


This is a tool to detect NSX manager MP2Policy promotion issues related to mixed mode scenarios and provides steps to remediate these mixed mode issues.


VMware NSX-T Data Center
VMware  NSX


The MP2Policy(Manager to Policy) tool does not  support promotion of objects created by Manager using Policy objects. If such configuration exist, the promotion process will fail and it is called  mixed mode


As part of Prerequisites please collect below information from NSX manager

Perform the following steps on the NSX environment from Production:

1. Collect the corfu files from production environment.
      a. Login to the NSX manager CLI as root user.
      b. tar the files: tar -cpz /config/corfu/log/ /config/corfu/TAIL_SEGMENT_CURRENT.ds /config/corfu/COMMITTED_TAIL_CURRENT.ds /config/corfu/STARTING_ADDRESS_CURRENT.ds > /tmp/production_mgr.tgz

2. Import the /config/corfu files into the test NSX manager.
      a.Deploy a 1 node NSX manager in test environment with same version as production NSX manager.
      b.scp the /tmp/production_mgr.tgz (/config/corfu) to the /root/tmp directory of NSX-T manager node.

3. Get the cluster id on production NSX manager, in the below example cluster id is "0de6d1b4-8765-4c27-a046-fd593b372ec2".

# su admin -c nsxcli -c get cluster status
Tue Jan ## 202x UTC ##:##:##.##
Cluster Id: 0de6d1b4-8765-4c27-a046-fd593b372ec2
Overall Status: STABLE
Group Status: STABLE

Note: Please contact Broadcom Support for further Help