Endevor Input component lists the SYSLMOD load library
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Endevor Input component lists the SYSLMOD load library


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Endevor Input component display in BX, LI and LC lists the SYSLMOD library as an Input to the link edit step -

  Member     Step     Ddname   Dsname                              
---------- -------- -------- ------------------------------------
_ COPY0001   COMPILE  SYSLIB   uprfx.uqual.COPYLIB
_ COPY0002   COMPILE  SYSLIB   uprfx.uqual.COPYLIB
_ COBOL001   LKED     SYSLMOD  uprfx.uqual.LOADLIB


All supported versions of Endevor


This is the result of how the Binder and Endevor interact. Binder checks for the existence of a load module in SYSLMOD using an API that's used for reading a PDS member. Endevor intercepts this call and - if it's successful - consider this an input component.

  • When an element is generated for the first time (and link-edit is involved), the load module doesn't exist yet. The API call (from Binder) fails, which tells Endevor that there's no input component from SYSLMOD. 
  • From the second generate request onwards, the load module exists and Endevor considers it as an input component. The loadlib will show up as both input and output.