Tanzu Network to Broadcom’s Customer Support Portal Transition and Timeline Information
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Tanzu Network to Broadcom’s Customer Support Portal Transition and Timeline Information


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Starting on June 24th 2024, all on-premise Tanzu products will be distributed on Broadcom's Customer Support Portal (https://support.broadcom.com). In the past, Tanzu products were distributed on either VMware Customer Connect or Tanzu Network. The cutover details from prior systems to Broadcom are detailed below, including our support for automation related to product discovery, upgrade planning, and consumption.


Cutover Date

Prior distribution channel

New distribution channel

May 6, 2024

Customer Connect


Customer Support Portal


Jun 24 , 2024

Tanzu Network




Tanzu Network Transition



Key Dates


May 6, 2024

New user registration turned off

Jun 21, 2024

Tanzu Network domains start redirecting to Support Portal

Jun 24, 2024

All Tanzu Network releases downloads are available from the respective Broadcom location:

Jul 29, 2024

Tanzu Network registry shuts off (https://registry.tanzu.vmware.com)





  • The Tanzu Network registry (https://registry.tanzu.vmware.com) will continue to be accessible solely for existing product releases from June 24th - July 29th, 2024
  • Authentication during this time will remain unchanged, continue to use your prior Tanzu Network credentials and existing tokens
  • No new releases will be added to the Tanzu Network registry during the June 24th - July 29th timeframe. This will serve solely as a read-only period to support customers during the transition
  • After July 29th, customers should solely use the Broadcom registry (https://packages.broadcom.com)



  • API
    • Legacy API tokens and Refresh tokens will be migrated
  • Registry access
    • Existing UAA tokens will continue to function for registry access, but will not be migrated to Broadcom systems
    • Users will have to generate new tokens for Broadcom registry access, via the Support Portal (explained below)


IP Addresses to Allow List

  • Support Portal -

  • Cloudflare IPs
    • IPv4-,
    • IPv6- 2606:4700:7::a5,  2a06:98c1:58::a5


Tanzu Network APIs

  • Only API endpoints used by Platform Automation Toolkit or the Tanzu Operations Manager CLI will be migrated
  • Pivnet CLI is not supported with the Broadcom Customer Support Portal
  • Any direct usage of API endpoints available from https://network.pivotal.io/  or https://network.tanzu.vmware.com  may not function, as not all API endpoints will be migrated. It is recommended that customers use only Platform Automation or the OM CLI.


Automation Tools

  • Platform Automation Toolkit (Automated download and install of TAS/ecosystem)
    • The toolkit download itself will move from Tanzu Network to Support Portal
    • The prior Tanzu Network API used for this toolkit functionality has been replicated into Support Portal and will continue to function as-is
    • Pipelines leveraging Platform Automation will not be affected, because the API has been replicated
  • Tanzu Operations Manager CLI (OM CLI - Shipped with the Platform Automation Toolkit or via GitHub)
    • Tooling leveraging the OM CLI will not be affected. The CLI will continue functioning as-is after the migration
  • PivNet Resource (Concourse CI resource shipped with Platform Automation Toolkit)
    • check and in commands will remain functional as-is
    • copy_metadata will populate with limited information compared to current state
    • This resource will continue to be supported with minor changes:
    • This is the primary resource provided for checking if new software versions exist. Any user currently using the Pivnet CLI should look to move to the Platform Automation toolkit which includes this resource (see below for more on the Pivnet CLI)
  • Pivnet CLI (Interacts with the full Pivnet API)
    • This tool was created to work specifically with Tanzu Network, and therefore will not be maintained after the migration. Future use of the CLI is not officially supported, it is recommended to use one or multiple of: OM CLI, PivNet resource and/or Platform Automation Toolkit for product downloads
  • Inter-product compatibility is still available from https://upgrade-planner.pivotal.io/ and https://interopmatrix.vmware.com/
    • The upgrade planner will work for product releases since 2021

Spring Enterprise Subscription Transition


Key Dates


May 6, 2024

Jun 24, 2024



Tanzu Network 

Customer Connect




Platform Automation



Broadcom Systems


Downloading binaries and exploring product releases via UI:

  • Support Portal will be the sole distribution channel for all Tanzu binary downloads starting on June 24th
  • All products will be visible from the “My Downloads” tab; top line products have been grouped at the top level, with component products displayed underneath
  • Prior releases including those now out of support will continue to remain available for download to facilitate testing or upgrade planning you may need to perform
  • The website UI serves as a useful exploration tool for all products including those with registry-only downloads


Downloading OCI artifacts from the registry:

  • Any product distributing OCI artifacts via registry will still show that release version and product on the Support Portal
  • You will be able to access the OCI registry by claiming an authentication token in Support Portal for that product
  • Note that a new token is generated each time you click on the token icon, but past tokens can be used for up to 6 months. The token icon will appear on different versions of the same product, but they will all interchangeably provide the same registry location access


API usage and access

  • The majority of Tanzu Network API commands have been replicated for Support Portal
  • Support Portal tokens will grant API access for up to 6 months expiry


Example registry change - Tanzu Spring Runtime: