Migrate from MySQL to Embedded Database
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Migrate from MySQL to Embedded Database


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CA API Gateway


Moving from an appliance gateway to a software gateway for the version 11 upgrade in our Dev environment. 

The appliance is using mysql as the SSG DB we want to use the embedded database in this environment



Gateway 10.1 and Gateway 11.0


This is not a common upgrade deployment  “mysql to embedded database”

Recommend review the GMU java utility that can be used to migrate all


Example of the steps 

  1. Source: Gateway (GW)   gmu migrateOut --argFile args/sourceGW.properties --trustCertificate  --trustHostname --all -d destination/gw-11-0-all.xml
  2. Setup and configure software GW 11 - using embedded db (must be operational and running)
  3. Policy manager installing the license and Restman
  4. gmu migrateIn --argFile args/destinationGW.properties --trustCertificate  --trustHostname --all -d destination/gw-11-0-all.xml  -test  (NOTE test first)
  5. Resolve all conflicts using manageMappings
  6. Migrate In  gmu migrateIn --argFile args/destinationGW.properties --trustCertificate  --trustHostname --all -d destination/gw-11-0-all.xml