NCM host config comparison not showing any differences
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NCM host config comparison not showing any differences


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CA Spectrum


This is the scenario:

In our Cisco Nexus Device Family the host configuration comparison functionality does not find any differences. When we compare the two configs with notepad++ we can see several differences.

We cleared the comparison mask but still no findings. The capture script works.

We tried to change from mindterm to jsch as well as <diff-largefile type="java.lang.String">on</diff-largefile>

We gave the process 4gb RAM (/opt/CA/SPECTRUM/lib/SDPM/partslist/NCMSERV.idb)

We moved one device from one family to another with no effect.

This is the comparison mask in use: [!#]


Spectrum 22.2.x, 23.3.x


  1. Change the comparison mask as below:

    from : [!#]

    to: [.#]

    You will just change the "!" to "."

  2. Try the capture again. Even after adding the above mask, if the issue is seen, manually ask the device admin to add/update/delete any line in the configuration on the device side and run the capture again.