Server Busy error editing large Roadmap
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Server Busy error editing large Roadmap


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When attempting to modify a Roadmap Item on a Roadmap with a lot of Items in the "Details" popup, sometimes seeing error:
Server busy, please retry your last action
1. Open a Roadmap with many Items associated to it.
2. Ensure the "Details" panel is displayed in the Grid view, and then add a new Roadmap Item
3. After it's created, go to the "Details", modify the Start Date by typing a new year (not clicking the calendar icon), then quickly go to the Finish Date and modify the year as well
Expected Results:
Both values should be updated and displayed correctly in the Grid
Actual Results:
Under certain circumstances the values do not update. A toast error displays "Server Busy, Please Retry Your Last Action".
In logs an error may display:
niku.xql2 (clarity:admin:x:PPM_REST_API) (x1) Lock rdmRoadmap held by user 1 requested by user 1
rest.validation (clarity:admin:x:PPM_REST_API) (x1) ODFResourceProvider :: Could not update resource. Object code alias: [ requestUrl: , _restResourceName : roadmapItems , _id : 111111 , _parentInfo :$ParentInfo@4563dde8 , _apiVersion : v1 , _includeLinksArray : true , _contextId : 111111 , _hierarchyId : -1 , _isGroupBy : false , _isPartition : false]
rest.validation (clarity:admin:x:PPM_REST_API) (x2) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not update resource. Resource name: roadmapItems. Error code: union.serverBusy Error message: Server busy, please retry your last action. (clarity:admin:x:PPM_REST_API) (x2) Server busy, please retry your last action.


Clarity 16.2.1


This is being reviewed as DE80652.


Closing the Roadmap and trying again may work, or clearing caches.
Update one field, ensure it saves, and then update the second field