Can the Vertica OpenText Vertica Client 10.1 be removed
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Can the Vertica OpenText Vertica Client 10.1 be removed


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


OpenText Vertica Client 10 (10.1) - Remove option

OpenText Vertica Client 10 (10.1) was detected on one of the Vertica cluster node. It was reported by cyber that it is end of life Feb 2023. We are asked to remove it.

Can this be removed? If so, how?  Or can it be upgraded to the supported version?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Security scans triggered on the Vertica version which is in it's End of Service (EOS) phase where it's no longer publicly supported.


This cannot be removed without impacting product usage. Doing so effectively uninstalls the Vertica database and it's software.

Based on the information provided the scan is recognizing that the Vertica version running, owned by OpenText, is EOS (End of Service).

This is true for individual consumers of the Vertica database. Our embedded implementation is treated differently. It remains supported for our use.

Note that a project is under way to test and produce a new NetOps version that brings an update to a new publicly supported Vertica release.