Custom Checkpoint with oracle probe RAC configuration
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Custom Checkpoint with oracle probe RAC configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am unable to find where I would create a custom checkpoint with an Oracle RAC configured oracle probe.


Version: Any
Component: oracle probe


Configure a Custom Checkpoint in Oracle RAC environment

When you configure the probe to connect to a RAC set it will list the servers under the connection:

Custom checkpoints in a RAC configuration are created under one of the following:

NOTE: When you create your checkpoint for RAC, you will want to call out INSTANCE_NAME as part of the query. 

During creation you will also want to create a QOS for the checkpoint, along with the alarming threshold. Example:

Once completed with the creation of the checkpoint you will need to add it to a profile:

Add the checkpoint:

The new checkpoint will be listed under each of the servers in the RAC. 

Once a checkpoint is added, it will no longer be selectable to add again.

Once added, select the Monitors section under the checkpoint on each of the instances and set the monitor to publish data:

Save the configuration.

Delete a custom checkpoint from a RAC configuration:

If there is a need to remove the checkpoint it should be selected under each of the RAC servers, and then deleted via the three dots in the upper right corner.