Agent Installer link missing
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Agent Installer link missing


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Autosys Workload Automation


Trying to use the centralize agent upgrade option in Agent Inventory:

As per Broadcom TechDocs, The Web UI can be configured for Centralized Agent Upgrade

Step#1 is "Click Agent Installer"

The Agent Installer link is missing in the Agent Inventory Tab


WCC: 12.x


Do the the following steps:

1) Go to https://<name of your EEM server machine>:5250/spin/eiam

2) Go to the WCC0004 application and login as the EiamAdmin user

2) Click on the the Manage Access Policies folder tab

3) Click on the ObjectControlAgentInstallerDefault policy

4) Verify that the user that is logging into the WCC GUIs has Create, Modify, Delete access.