Attribute Grouping not displayed correctly in Objective Hierarchy Investments
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Attribute Grouping not displayed correctly in Objective Hierarchy Investments


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From the Objective Hierarchy > Investments module, in certain cases the Column panel may not reflect current Investment attribute
groupings for the Investment types in the module

The column panel will not reflect the correct Investment attribute groupings after adding or removing Objectives, with associated Investments, within the
Objectives Hierarchy.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.  Configure an Objective Hierarchy Blueprint to display the Investments module.
2.  Create an Objective Hierarchy and import Objectives with multiple Investment type associations.
     In this scenario, import Objective with associated Project, Ides, and CIT Investment types.
3.  Associate the above Blueprint to the above Objective Hierarchy instance.
4.  Open to Objective Hierarchy > Grid View > Column panel.
5.  In addition to the Objective, Common Investment, and Hierarchical attribute groupings, the user will see Investments attribute groupings for Project, Idea,
     and, CIT Investment types (as expected).
6.  Remove an Objective which is associated with an Idea Investment type and open the Column panel.

Expected Result: Idea Investment type grouping removed from Column panel
Actual Result: Idea Investment type grouping remains from Column panel.



Clarity 16.2.2


This is currently being reviewed and tracked as DE80610.

From MUX, select Classic PPM navigation button, replace URL portion “….#action:homeActionId” with “….#action:security.caches”, with the displayed “System
Caches” page in view, select the ‘Flush All’ button.
Return to the MUX Objective Hierarchy instance, upon page refresh the Idea Investment type grouping will be removed from Column panel