Cut over agents to new tenant - best approach
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Cut over agents to new tenant - best approach


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DX Application Performance Management


We have two Production tenants 

1. PROD - 21.3 - active

2. PROD - 23.3 (or 24.x) - servers in build phase

The agents on (1) report to Cloud Proxy1&2 In Datacenter 1 or Datacenter 2 (HA) using a logical dns: cloudproxy.<fqdn>

What would be the best approach to update 450+ Agents to report and send data to new DX PROD environment (2)?

These two DX environments will run parallel but for a limited time window of a few months.

Note: I will have also two new [version of] Cloud Proxy servers that will later form part of cloudproxy.fqdn

To start:

  • IntroscopeAgent.profile has property credentials - this has to change to a token from (2)
  • I expect ACC Agent Controller will require a change
  • Any other properties that I may have missed?
  • Any other suggestions?


You have 450+ Agents that are reporting to 1 cluster and want to migrate them to another cluster.

Best way to achieve this, is on each agent:

1. Update the IntroscopeAgent.profile with the new url.1 setting.

2. In the new environment, obtain a new agent token:

3. Update the IntroscopeAgent.profile with the new agent token

4. Restart the Agent.

You may want to do 1-3 above and then at a convenient time, perform a bulk restart as in #4. This will really depend on what Agents you need right now versus ones that can wait.

Alternatively, if you use ACC, you would do the following:

1. In ACC, locate the package for your Agent

2. Click on Edit in the center window

3. Click Next

4. In the Selected Bundles, under Core, select "Configure" for EM Connection.

The only issue here is that the agentManager.credential property is not able to be updated inside ACC.

So probably the first way would be best.