Plex Java server logging
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Plex Java server logging


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CA Plex


This article gives detail steps on Plex Java server logging. The example uses Plex 7.3 and previous versions are similar.


Plex 7.2 and higher


Follow these steps

  1. Open file in ObJava folder. The  default location is “C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.3\ObJava”
  2. Search for “Default.Service.LoggingLevel” property and set the level: one of 1, 2 3 and 4, with 4 being the full logging level and 1 the least level that only errors are logged. Save the change.
  3. Reproduce the problem and note the time stamp when it is reproduced.
  4. Send the log file in ObJava folder(default is “C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.3\ObJava”) to Support and let Support know the time stamp when the problem was reproduced. The log file is ObJ<dispatcher port number>.<Timestamp>.log(usually the most recent modified one).

Additional Information

Regarding log level:

1: Errors only

2: Errors and warnings

3: Errors and warnings with details

4: Full