Plex C# server logging
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Plex C# server logging


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CA Plex


This article gives steps how to enable and collect Plex C# server log. The example is for Plex 7.3 and previous versions are similar.


Plex 7.2 and higher



Follow these steps

  1. Open Plex .Net Management Console (CA\Plex\7.3\ob.Net\release\PlexManagementConsole.exe) 
  2. Set LogType as FlatText or EventViewer
  3. Set LoggingLevel to Full, unless instructed by Support. LoggingLevel is self explained.
  4. Reproduce the problem and note the time stamp when the problem is reproduced.
  5. Send log file to Support and let Support know the exact time stamp when the problem was reproduced. See Additional Information for more details.


Additional Information

If the LogType is FlatText, logs will be written into flat text files (C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.3\ob.Net\log); if it is EventViewer, then logs will be written into Event Viewer application log and log would need to be saved as evtx file.