OBS view filter values not updated after being renamed
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OBS view filter values not updated after being renamed


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The view filters do not update the OBS values after the OBS units are renamed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In Classic Clarity, go to Administration > Organization and Access > OBS and create a new OBS (e.g.: 'my_obs').
  2. Create a few Units (e.g.: 'Unit A' and 'Unit B').
  3. Associate the Project object to this OBS.
  4. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects > Project > Attributes, and open the OBS attribute.
  5. Add an API alias to the OBS attribute (e.g.: 'obs_my_obs').
  6. In Modern Clarity, open the Projects grid view and configure a filter to display only projects where OBS is equal to 'Unit A' and 'Unit B'). The corresponding projects will be displayed.
  7. Save the view with a name.
  8. Back in Classic, open the OBS and in the Units tab, rename the two units (e.g.: 'Unit A' to 'Unit One' and 'Unit B' to 'Unit Two' - just change the name, not the ID).
  9. In Modern UX Projects grid, open the view that was saved previously.

Expected Results: Results and filter shows the new OBS names.

Actual Results: Results show the new OBS name ('Unit One', 'Unit Two'), but the older OBS names remain in the filter ('Unit A' and 'Unit B') and the new values do not appear in the list (for those values that are renamed and selected in the filter).




This issue is under review.

Workaround: Clear the existing filter (uncheck existing renamed values) and select the values with the new name as they appear.