Finding IO Drivers in the Broadcom Support Portal
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Finding IO Drivers in the Broadcom Support Portal


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Support Portal


As of May 6, 2024, the Broadcom Support Portal replaces the VMware Customer Connect portal for vSphere downloads, including IO drivers. Follow the instructions below to navigate to a desired driver download.


  1. Locate your device and a corresponding driver on the VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG).
  2. To the left of the ESXi version, click on plus (+) to reveal the footnote. The footnote will contain the component version and instruct you to copy it, and then to click the link to this KB article.
  3. Go to the Broadcom Support web page

    Note: If you are not already registered, please register.

  4. Use the dropdown next to Username and find “VMware Cloud Foundation”.
  5. On the left hand side menu, click My Downloads.
  6. In the search bar on the upper right side of the page, enter “VMware vSphere”.
  7. Click on “VMware vSphere”
  8. Choose the user entitlement for VMware vSphere, e.g. click on “VMware vSphere – Enterprise”.
  9. On the drop down menu, click on the desired vSphere version, e.g. 7.0, 8.0.
  10. On the top menu, choose “Drivers and Tools.”
  11. In the Search dialog box, paste in the component version you copied from the VCG footnote to reveal the driver download.