Correct maintenance level not shown after an upgrade.
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Correct maintenance level not shown after an upgrade.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


After an upgrade of SYSVIEW┬« Performance Management Option for Db2 20 to 20.0.11 maintenance level.  When i get into the main menu screen from TSO on this LPAR this is the version shown.


I can switch to any other screen from the main menu and I get the correct version level.


Then when I return to the main menu the 20.0.11 is displayed correctly.

Menu  Print  Tools  Help    SYSVIEW for DB2     ssid xxxx     mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss
                                                    20.0.11         DB2ssid                authid1
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All data collectors on this LPAR show this message.

DBG39019I ssid hh:mm:ss HIGHEST MAINT LEVELSET IS 20.0.11     


DB2 for Z/OS


Assumption: Everything is working correctly with no error messages in the DC log indicating any issues connecting to an xmanager. The upgrade was successful. 

This is working as designed. The version at the top of the screen shows the DATA COLLECTOR version, rather than the user interface version (that can be found in the HELP dropdown menu, in "About"...). In large environments, users may be able to pick subsystems running under one of many different Xmanagers at various different maintenance levels. Thus, the display becomes a dynamic one, showing the level of the corresponding Xmanager to the selected data collector. 

What to display BEFORE a user has picked a DC?

The value displayed is 20.0, and then it is replaced with the DC levelset once a DC has been PICKed. The initial screen after connection to SYSVIEW for DB2 should be the only time "20.0" is displayed.


Initial main menu display top portion:

20.0.11  Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS       yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm
OPTION ===>                                                   SCROLL ===> CSR

DB2 SSID ==> ssid LOCATION ==> LOCAL                   DB2 VERSION: V12R1M500
ACM      ==> OFF  ACMID    ==> ACMNEW   SQLID ==> authid1


enter Sysview for Db2 using IS option.

Menu  Print  Tools  Help    SYSVIEW for DB2     ssid          mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss
                              20.0            XXXXXXXX               authid1
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Use PF6(PICKDB2) , get a list of DC's to select and select an operational one and return with PF3.


Menu  Print  Tools  Help    SYSVIEW for DB2     ssid sys1     mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss
                              20.0.11         XXXXXXXX               authid1
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