Spectrum CLI vnmsh commands to update NotificationData for SANM Filters
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Spectrum CLI vnmsh commands to update NotificationData for SANM Filters


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


Changes to SANM NotificationData attribute from vnmsh commands not taking effect

I wrote a script which updates SANM Filter Notification Data attribute via vnmsh, however, it appears to not 'take effect' unless the filter is updated via the OC client.

Debug of the OC Java client calls shows event 0xd70008 is created against the filter's parent policy.  Is event d70008 required, or is there a specific action code to trigger a SANM policy re-read of changes in filter NotificationData attribute?


All supported DX NetOps Spectrum releases


The following command will set the new values for the NotificationData attribute.

./update mh=<Filter_MH> attr=0xd7000b,val=<[email protected]>

The attribute ID 0xd7000b is the NotificationData attribute.

The 0xd70008 event does trigger a reload for the filter. For example, if we run the following and generate an alert we don't see the correct NotificationData in the .OUT file.

./update mh=0x100007d attr=0xd7000b,[email protected],[email protected]
Id            Name                  Iid               Value
0xd7000b      NotificationData                        [email protected],[email protected]

If we run the following command to manually generate the event on the SANMPolicy Model we see it working as expected.

./create event type=0xd70008 text="RELOAD" mh=0x100007b
Date       Time       Type        MHandle     MName             MTypeName
04/30/2024 12:57:32   0xd70008    0x100007b   DefaultPolicy     SANMPolicy

Add the create event command to the script to resolve this.