Tasks Global Workspace filter on Task Owner sort order not working
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Tasks Global Workspace filter on Task Owner sort order not working


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When using the Tasks Workspace an filtering by a task owner, if the summary task does not have the same task owner (either blank or another owner,) when expanding the project to see the tasks assigned to the owner, tasks that do not have their associated phase assigned to the same task owner, will show at the bottom of the list, not in the correct wbs hierarchy.
  1.  Use two projects as examples
  2. Make sure the projects have a task hierarchy with phases
  3.  In MUX assign a task owner to several tasks on the project. This is easier to do on the grid.
    • Choose some summary tasks (phase) with the children as well as some child tasks where the task owner is different or blank
  4. Open the task timeline 
  5. Filter for task owner = the owner you assigned
  6. Open the expand carrot on the project to view the associated tasks
Expected Result:  Tasks show in the correct hierarchy (under the project/phase)
Actual Result: Tasks where the parent task has a different owner show at the bottom of the page.
Workaround:  None for the timeline or use the grid.


16.2 and 16.2.1


Reported as DE80583.  Currently being reviewed by engineering.