Modern Project Task Date Changes When Updating ETC
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Modern Project Task Date Changes When Updating ETC


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When updating the ETCs in the Flyout Task Details > Assignment out in the MUX, it moves both the start and the end date of the Assignment and subsequently moves the task Start and End Date as well.  

Steps To Reproduce

1. Set project date range
Ex:  (Mar 18, 2024 to Apr 30, 2024)

2. Create task with date range 
Ex: (Apr 1  2024 to Apr 15)

3. In the Task Details flyout, on the Assignments tab,  add an Expense resource

4. For the assignment, configure the Per Period column ETC.

5. Enter ETC totals = 360k in the column Total ETC, so it can spread it

6. Review the task assignment date range.

Actual: It changes the task date range to : Mar 18 to Apr 30

Expected: The date range should behave the same way as Classic, i.e.
 (Mar 18  to Apr 30) instead of  (Apr 1 to Apr 15)


The configuration in MUX does not match functionality in Classic.

In Classic, when you go to the Task and update the Assignment 'ETC' total column, that is the equivalent of updating the 'GRAND TOTAL' in MUX --- NOT the 'Sum of Periods' 

Change the configuration in Modern to use the 'Grand Total' setting, instead of 'Sum of Periods'