Do a full AM inventory every x amagent executions
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Do a full AM inventory every x amagent executions


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How to force a full amagent inventory regularly ?
Sometimes if an error occurs (network error, process crash etc...) inventory of some agents could be incomplete. And it is a best practice to force a full AM inventory every X execution of amagent.


Client Automation 14.0 SP2 and higher


A new settings in configuration policy has been added
DSM/Agent/Asset Management/Collect full inventory after specified number of agent runs
By default its value is 0 (meaning this feature is disabled).
But if we set for example 10, amagent will execute a full inventory collect every 10 executions of amagent

Additional Information

  • See online documentation : Automated Inventory Recovery
  • On the agent the file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\uam\AMAgentRunInfo.XML contains the number of execution :
    Example :

    If this number is divisible by CollectFullIinventory set in configuration policy, a full inventory collection is done.

  • In TRC_AMAGENT*.log there are these lines :
    amagent   |CcnfAgentApi    |CCcnfAgentApi.cpp   |001804|DETAIL | GetParameterValueInt(itrm/agent/am/, CollectFullInventory, ..., NULL) successfully completed. Parameter value: 4
    amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000463|INFO   | Number of runs to collect full am inventory is 4
    amagent   |amagent         |SVCSPECS.CPP        |000463|INFO   | Number of runs are 288