21.0.10 JOBS remain in Waiting for the host of an AgentGroup
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21.0.10 JOBS remain in Waiting for the host of an AgentGroup


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation CA Automic Operations Manager CA Automic Service Orchestration - Automation Engine


If the HOSTG has one agent defined, i.e.

The preview won't return any agent:

If the JOBS is defined as Generate at runtime:

The job will remain in status Waiting for the host of an AgentGroup. 


Product: Automic Workload Automation

Component: Automation Engine

Version: 21.0.10




This was fixed in the Automation Engine 21.0.10 HF1 which is available in the Download Center.

Component: Automation Engine

Public short description EN:
Agent group with agent name only does not preview any agents.

Public description EN:
A problem has been fixed where an agent group with agent name only did not preview any agents. JOBS with this agent group assigned remained in status "Waiting for the host of an AgentGroup."

Additional Information

  • The issue can only be reproduced for HOSTGs with only 1 dedicated Agent
    • already existing HOSTG objects with multiple agents/wildcards work fine 
  • Jobs need to have the option "Generate at Runtime" set

Customer impact:

  • Minimal production environment impact as existing HOSTGs with more than one agent work fine
  • Easy applicable workaround
    • Even for newly created HOSTGs, adding an additional agent and saving the object again, solves the issue