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Getting an error when logging into the CA Service Management App : "Capabilities Analyst Queue, Catalog" are currently not available, or "Login to (Catalog) User authentication failed" How to fix this error ?


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When using the CA Service Management App on an Android or an iOS device against CA Unified Self Service URL, receive the following error:

Capabilities (My Tasks, Analyst Queue, Catalog) are currently not available. No response from Server. Please contact your administrator. 


Login to (Catalog) User authentication failed. Try logging in from web application. If issue persists, contact your IT Administrator

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When CA Unified Self Service (USS) is configured to be used with CA Service Catalog and/or CA Service Desk Manager, there are couple of URLs of those products that are used in the Datasource configuration section of USS.  These URLs must be available to the mobile device using CA Service Management app.

  • For USS's Service Desk Data Source -> the URL mentioned in (Optional) SERVICE DESK REST URL FOR MOBILE APP
  • For USS's Service Catalog Data Source -> the URL mentioned in BASE URL 

If any of these URLs are not available on the mobile device, then the CA Service Management app would produce the error indicated above, depending on the Data Sources enabled. For example, if you did not enable the Service Desk Data Source but only the Service Catalog Data Source, the second error indicated above would appear.

The value configured in the above options can be obtained by logging into USS URL with administrative access, on the left page select Settings -> Data Sources -> CA Service Desk or CA Service Catalog (click on the expand button to the right most corner of each line).   Once these URLs are exposed to the devices using the CA Service Management app, logout from the mobile  app and login again.


Release: SMITAM99000-14.1-Service Management-IT Asset Manager Package


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