Why am I getting error ?X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication." when starting the Simulator?


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I'm running into an error starting the Simulator on a unix server. Here are the final lines from the simulator.log:

2016-01-13 15:45:19,517Z (10:45) [pool-6-thread-3] INFO com.itko.lisa.mobile.utils.DeviceUtils - /tools/android does not exist.

2016-01-13 15:45:19,525Z (10:45) [pool-6-thread-2] INFO com.itko.lisa.mobile.utils.DeviceUtils - android platform tools not detected

2016-01-13 15:45:19,527Z (10:45) [pool-6-thread-4] WARN AndroidAvdHelper - ANDROID_HOME is not set

2016-01-13 15:45:19,534Z (10:45) [pool-6-thread-4] INFO com.itko.lisa.mobile.android.genymotion.impl.GenymotionImpl - getVBoxManageCmd: VBoxManageq

After we get this error, the Simulator exits and prints the error message 'X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication." to the console.



DevTest 9.0.0, UNIX/Linux



The user being used to start the Simulator was lacking permissions in your .Xauthority. 

The Simulator log showed no errors. The ANDROID_HOME is a warning and will not affect your Simulator running.



The Simulator was using the .Xauthority file from your home directory. The permissions on that file were rw------- and it was then changed to rw-rw-rw-.        

The Simulator was able to start and is running with no issues. Need to work with your Unix admins to get this set up to use its own X11 files.


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