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Non-Printable Characters in CA SSO/Siteminder Password Services


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



Within CA SSO/Siteminder Password Services you can configure password composition, such as:

  • Minimum Password Length
  • Maximum Password Length
  • The allowed number of repeated characters
  • Enable Upper Case characters and how many upper case characters are required
  • Enable Lower Case and how many upper case characters are required
  • Enable Numeric Digits and how many digits are required
  • Enable Punctuation and how many upper punctuation characters are required
  • Enable Non-Printable Characters and how many non-printable characters are required
  • Enable Non-Alphanumeric Characters and how many non-alphanumeric characters are required


What are the allowable 'Non-Printable' Characters in Password Services?




BinaryOctalDecimalHexadecimalAbbreviationPrint formCaret notationEscape codeName
000 0000000000NUL?^@\0Null
000 0001001101SOH?^A Start of Heading
000 0010002202STX?^B Start of Text
000 0011003303ETX?^C End of Text
000 0100004404EOT?^D End of Transmission
000 0101005505ENQ?^E Enquiry
000 0110006606ACK?^F Acknowledgment
000 0111007707BEL?^G\aBell
000 1000010808BS?^H\bBackspace[d][e]
000 1001011909HT?^I\tHorizontal Tab[f]
000 1010012100ALF?^J\nLine Feed
000 1011013110BVT?^K\vVertical Tab
000 1100014120CFF?^L\fForm Feed
000 1101015130DCR?^M\rCarriage Return[g]
000 1110016140ESO?^N Shift Out
000 1111017150FSI?^O Shift In
001 00000201610DLE?^P Data Link Escape
001 00010211711DC1?^Q Device Control 1 (oft. XON)
001 00100221812DC2?^R Device Control 2
001 00110231913DC3?^S Device Control 3 (oft. XOFF)
001 01000242014DC4?^T Device Control 4
001 01010252115NAK?^U Negative Acknowledgment
001 01100262216SYN?^V Synchronous Idle
001 01110272317ETB?^W End of Transmission Block
001 10000302418CAN?^X Cancel
001 10010312519EM?^Y End of Medium
001 1010032261ASUB?^Z Substitute
001 1011033271BESC?^[\e[h]Escape[i]
001 1100034281CFS?^\ File Separator
001 1101035291DGS?^] Group Separator
001 1110036301ERS?^^[j] Record Separator
001 1111037311FUS?^_ Unit Separator
111 11111771277FDEL?^? Delete[k][e]

CA SSO/Siteminder also treat the [Space] character as a Non-Printable character.  In order to allow the 'space' character in a password, then any applicable Password Policy will need to be configured to allow "Non-Printable" characters.



Release: ESPSTM99000-12.51-Single Sign On-Extended Support Plus