Health Checker interval value
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Health Checker interval value


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The CA-DB2 Tools health check routines are registered to IBM Health Checker for z/OS during CA Execution Manager for DB2 for z/OS (PXM) startup. The intended implementation of IBM Health Checker for z/OS is that by default, health check routines should execute as part of the product "out of the Box" installation. CA-DB2 Health Checks conform to this standard. CA-DB2 Tools health check routines, depending on execution interval time, may run once or periodically for the duration of the Xmanager started task.



How to change a CA Health Checker for DB2 value ? 



Assuming you want to change or temporarily update the CA DB2 Health checks interval for task DB2_RCM_FULLTREE_CHECK.

These steps are also documented in the IBM Health Checker for z/OS User's Guide and are not specific to CA Database Manager for DB2.


First you can display current settings by using the modify command, for example 

F hzsproc, DISPLAY CHECK(CHECK(CA_DB2,[email protected]), DETAIL


Additional Information:

Refer to the IBM documentation "Setting Up IBM Health Checker for z/OS" in the IBM Health Checker for z/OS User's Guide for more information.



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