Missing SIB for WAS Bus datastore
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Missing SIB for WAS Bus datastore


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Identity Manager when running on Web Sphere requires a valid SIB for its bus message engine data store. This message store is a persistence mechanism for messages between Identity Manager's components. Identity Manager uses a bus (named: iam_im-IMSBus) which it installs into Web Sphere to handle the messages to-and-from the message store. If the SIB is wrong or incorrect then Identity Manager will not be functional since no messages can be located or transported between components and no data will flow in the application.


There are numerous ways to check the SIB of the message store, mainly from the Web Sphere administration console. In case of a problem, you may see the following excerpt in the Identity Manager log file:


[8/19/14 16:33:50:368 CDT] 0000006c SibMessage E

[iam_im-IMSBus:IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus] CWSIS0002E: The

messaging engine encountered an exception while starting. Exception:

com.ibm.ws.sib.msgstore.MessageStoreRuntimeException: CWSIS1524E: Data

source, iam/im/jdbc/jdbc/IdentityMinder_Cluster.000.iam_im-IMSBus, not


[8/19/14 16:33:50:368 CDT] 0000006c SibMessage E

[iam_im-IMSBus:IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus] CWSID0035E:

Messaging engine IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus cannot be

started; detected error reported during

com.ibm.ws.sib.msgstore.impl.MessageStoreImpl start()

[8/19/14 16:33:50:368 CDT] 0000006c SibMessage E

[iam_im-IMSBus:IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus] CWSID0027E:

Messaging engine IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus cannot be

restarted because a serious error has been reported.

[8/19/14 16:33:50:368 CDT] 0000006c SibMessage I

[iam_im-IMSBus:IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus] CWSID0016I:

Messaging engine IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus is in state


[8/19/14 16:33:50:384 CDT] 0000006c SibMessage E

[iam_im-IMSBus:IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus] CWSID0039E:

HAManager-initiated activation has failed, messaging engine

IdentityMinder_Cluster.000-iam_im-IMSBus will be disabled. Reason Refer to earlier messages



Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


Restart Web Sphere. 

This will automatically create a new SIB which should be healthy. To confirm you should re-examine the log and the above excerpt should no longer display.