Even though I clicked on "Set as my defaults" in the "Knowledge Base Filter" of "Knowledge Search", the new default filter preferences are not used


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When I click on the "Set as my defaults" text link that appears within the "Knowledge Search Filter" under the Knowledge tab, I receive the message: "Your search settings are saved as your default preference".  However, the operation seems to have had no effect. 

Why does the operation appear to have no effect?  How can I confirm that the preferences were set? 


If the operation appears to have no effect, then you are probably running under a role which does not allow the use of Knowledge Management personal preferences.  In that case, the role is configured with "Use Preferences" set to "No" and so the system level Knowledge Search Filter defaults are being used.

The system level Knowledge Search Filter defaults are defined under the Administration tab, within Knowledge > Search > Search settings.  The filter defaults that are in effect for the role can be viewed by clicking on the "Reset Search" button in the Knowledge Search pane under the Knowledge tab and then clicking the "Show Knowledge Base Filter" button. 

By design, a user running under any available role can perform the "Set as my defaults" operation, regardless of the whether or not the "Use Preferences" Knowledge Management privilege is allowed for that role.  The default preferences that are saved by the 'Set as my defaults" are saved at the contact, or user, level; they cannot be set differently for each role.  Thus, whenever a user clicks on "Set as my defaults", regardless of the role under which the user is running, the preferences are saved as the default preferences of that user.    However, the personal preference is not necessarily "used", it depends on the role configuration.  If the user is currently running under a role that has "Use Preferences" set to "No", the preferences that were set are not used. The effect would only be apparent when the user is running under a role that allows the preferences to be used, that is, under a role for which "Use Preferences" is set to "Yes". 

You can confirm your Knowledge Search Filter default personal preferences by clicking on "View "and then selecting "Preferences" from under the Knowledge tab or the Service Desk tab.  In the form that is displayed, the "Knowledge Search Document Settings" section includes the Knowledge Search filter fields that can be set with default personal preferences.  Remember that these preferences are only used if the role under which you are running has "Use Preferences" set to "Yes". 

If it appears that your preferences are not being used and you expect to be able to use them, you could contact your Service Desk Administrator and request a change to the "Use Preferences" role privilege.

If a contact has only 1 role allowed and that role has Use Preferences set to No, then having the "Set as my defaults" available in the Knowledge Base Filter could be confusing to that user.  

It may be possible to customize the product such that the "Set as my defaults" operation does not appear on the form when a user is running under a named role, or when a user is running under a role for which "Use Preferences" is set to "No".

Additional Information:

For more information about the default search settings, either in the Administration Guide for CA Service Desk Manager 12.9, or in the CA Service Management Wiki (for version 14.1 and above), navigate to the relevant page by the following path:  Administering Knowledge Management › Knowledge Document Control › How to Set Up the KT Search Engine › Set Up Default Search Settings.



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