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How to remove the ability to copy from the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ticket context menu?


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How to remove the ability to copy from the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ticket context menu?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1 and 17.2.
All Supported Operating Systems.


Within the source of some of the CA SDM list_*.htmpl files (i.e. list_cr.htmpl), you will notice a variable called cfgCanCopy (usually found near the top).

var cfgCanCopy = true;

You will need to change this variable value to false and publish the change if you wish to remove the right-click Copy option. While it should work, please note that customizations of this nature are not supported by Broadcom Support.

1) Find which HTMPL form needs to be edited. To do this navigate to the page you wish to disable the right-click Copy option and right-click on the form. The form name is shown and highlighted in the screenshot below. As you can see from the screenshot, the copy function is present.  In this example the form is called 'list_cr.htmpl':

2) Open Web Screen Painter and open the list_*.htmpl file (i.e. list_cr.htmpl) you want to disable the right-click Copy option and then click on the source tab on the bottom. (Please be aware, if you have multiple form groups, you need to ensure that this change is made to all form groups that you wish for this change to take affect in).

3) Look for the line: var cfgCanCopy = true; (Note: Some CA Service Desk list form HTMPL pages will not have this variable and as such you will not be able to change this functionality on that specific HTML form).

4) Edit that line so it looks like: var cfgCanCopy = false;

5) Select File -> Save followed by File -> Publish in Web Screen Painter

6) Clear the web browser cache and access the CA SDM HTMPL form that you just edited (i.e  list_cr.htmpl).  You should no longer see the Copy option within the right-click menu.

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