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Does the policy server process all requests before the policy server has an normal shutdown?


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



This question and answer Kb Article refers to information about one the process flows when the ca single-on policy server is shutdown


If Ca Single Sign-On- policy server is shutdown, does it stop receiving new requests? Does the policy server process all requests before the policy server has an intentionally shutdown?




The Ca Single Sign-On policy server will take down ALL threads (All threads will complete its last request) 

If the policy server is unable to complete the shutdown for example, a thread stuck or unable complete – a force kill will then occur 



[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:5637][INFO][sm-Server-02100] Thread 3079411408 received signal, stopping... 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4379][INFO][sm-Server-01880] smpolicysrv shutting down 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4398][INFO][sm-Server-01890] Unregistering from the Monitor 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4409][INFO][sm-Server-01900] Releasing Monitor API 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4426][INFO][sm-Server-01920] Stopping thread pool; waiting for threads to terminate. 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4433][INFO][sm-Server-04770] Stopping reactor thread ; waiting for threads to terminate. 

[24556/2825550704][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:3736][INFO][sm-Server-01790] Ending main Reactor thread 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4482][INFO][sm-Server-01910] Thread pool stopped; proceeding with shutdown 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:18][CServer.cpp:4494][INFO][sm-Server-01950] Stopped main reactor. 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:47][CServer.cpp:4472][INFO][sm-Server-04790] All registered threads went down successfully. 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:47][CServer.cpp:4574][INFO][sm-Server-01930] Releasing smpolicysrv 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:48][XPS.cpp:719][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00160] Shutting down XPS... 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:48][XPS.cpp:732][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00170] Shutting down XPS housekeeping... 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:48][XPS.cpp:739][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00160] Shutting down XPS... 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:49][XPS.cpp:756][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00210] Releasing SiteMinder object store connection to XPS... 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:49][XPS.cpp:797][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00180] Releasing XPS configuration cache... 

[24556/-1215555888][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:49][XPS.cpp:800][Shutdown][INFO][sm-xpsxps-00240] XPS Shutdown Complete. 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][SmObjStore.cpp:1545][INFO][sm-Server-00060] Object store released 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:4576][INFO][sm-Server-01940] Released smpolicysrv 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:260][INFO][sm-Server-03580] [SM-APS-06140] SmTransact unloaded. 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:382][INFO][sm-Server-02530] Unloaded Transact 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:4594][INFO][sm-Server-01960] smpolicysrv waiting for threads to terminate 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:4595][INFO][sm-Server-01970] smpolicysrv proceeding with shutdown 

[24556/3079411408][Thu Jan 14 2016 09:50:50][CServer.cpp:4614][INFO][sm-Server-01980] smpolicysrv is down



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Component: SMPLC