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Configuring a Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) notification email to be sent when a cron job has failed


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How can I set emails to be sent to notify someone when a cron job has failed?

CA SOftware Asset Manager (CA SAM) 12.9. 3.x, 4.x


Notification emails of failed cron jobs are actually sent to the email address included in the CA Software Asset Manager config.ini file.

Open CA SAM and go to Admin -> cron jobs and click on Start to any cron job, you can see in the top half of the screen information pertaining to the cron job.


<Please see attached file for image>

sam cron job email.png


The email fields included in this information are:
Email redirection recipient(s)
E-mail copy recipient(s)
Error email recipient(s)

This  information comes from the same named fields in the ca sam config.ini found at <CA SAM path>\app\include\prod\st.

The cron job Email redirection recipient(s) reads from

; directive: redirect_outgoing
; all outgoing "non-error" e-mails will
; be sent only to this e-mail address list
; if empty: do not redirect
redirect_outgoing = [email protected]

The cron job E-mail copy recipient(s) reads from

; directive: copy_outgoing
; if redirect_outgoing is not set: send a copy
; of all outgoing "non-error" e-mails to this e-mail address list
; if empty: do not copy
copy_outgoing =

The cron job Error email recipient(s) read from

 directive: error_to; mandatory
; error e-mail recipient list
error_to =[email protected]



Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration


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