Receiving message ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM
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Receiving message ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM


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ESP Workload Automation


Receiving the following message in the ESP Workload Automation audit log.  Is this message ESP6261I harmless, and how to eliminate it?

            ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM
            ESP6220I MgrMsg: agentname CFFD1741.9C4A4C63/0003F730.1/RESOMGR STATE Monitor SetEnd CounterAvail(83) CounterUsed(20) 
            ESP6220I Status(Avail=83, Used=17) LoadAverage1m(0.17) LoadAverage5m(0.28) LoadAverage15m(0.31) Plugin(objmon) 
            ESP6220I User(<user>) Host(<hostname>) 
            . . agentname . CFFD1741.9C4A4C63/0003F730.1/RESOMGR OBJTRIG DELETE MonType(CPU)


Release : 12.0
Component : EP Workload Automation System Agent


The agent server is no longer active in the workload balancing group.


"ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM" is an informational message, and is harmless.  

To eliminate this message:

1.  Remove the inactive system agent from ESP system topology using command CPU.

     Example: CPU name DEL AGENT(agentname) NODE(nodename) 

2.  Stop the agent. 

3.  Remove the following .odb files from the agent's database directory: 

4. Restart the agent

Additional Information

  • Use the  ESP "NODE - LIST" command to display the system topology (NODE and CPU definition).
  • Use the ESP "RESDEF - LIST" command to display a list of defined resources.  Resources must be defined to use the Agent Workload Balancing feature.