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ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM


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ESP Workload Automation



Getting the following message in the CA Workload Automation ESP Edition audit log:

            ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM

When this message occurs, it is preceded by a message such as the following:

            ESP6220I MgrMsg: agentname CFFD1741.9C4A4C63/0003F730.1/RESOMGR STATE Monitor SetEnd CounterAvail(83) CounterUsed(20

            ESP6220I Status(Avail=83, Used=17) LoadAverage1m(0.17) LoadAverage5m(0.28) LoadAverage15m(0.31) Plugin(objmon) 

            ESP6220I User(agentname) Host(manager_host_name

            . . agentnameCFFD1741.9C4A4C63/0003F730.1/RESOMGR OBJTRIG DELETE MonType(CPU)

Is message ESP6261I harmless, and how to eliminate it?


 This is about the Agent Workload Balancing feature of CA Workload Automation ESP Edition r11.4.


The agent server is no longer active in the workload balancing group.


Informational message "ESP6261I ResoMGR: Error 8 from SendAFM" is harmless.  Do the following to eliminate this message:

1.  Remove the inactive system agent from the CA WA ESP system topology using command CPU.

     Example: CPU name DEL AGENT(agentname) NODE(nodename

2.  Stop the agent. 

3.  Remove the following .odb files from the agent's database directory: 



4. Restart the agent

Additional Information:

  • Use the CA WA ESP "NODE - LIST" command to display the system topology (NODE and CPU definition).
  • Use the CA WA ESP "RESDEF - LIST" command to display a list of defined resources.  Resources must be defined to use the Agent Workload Balancing feature. 



Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE