What does DBT, Time and NQ signify in SDK logs?


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What does DBT, Time and NQ signify in SDK logs and how are they calculated?




Release: ARCWFT05900-8-Arcot-WebFort-for Windows


DBT indicates the database time and is the sum of individual query execution times. A timer is initiated when each query execution is started and after query execution is completed time elapsed is calculated.

NQ indicates Number of Queries and in case organization is Relational org, all the queries are counted based on the Database. If the organization is ldaporg in that case also only Database queries executed at Db level considered.Queries executed on Ldap are not considered while sending the Number of queries in response field.

 Time field in the log specifies how much time Webfort server took to process the OTP authentication, it is the processing time on the server side only.