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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


This is an explanation of how to troubleshoot Tibco from not removing itself nicely after a failed installation of Enterprise Management or if the Administrator wants to reinstall the product or migrate the software solution.


Release: ACP1M005900-12.9-Privileged Identity Manager


If you have Enterprise Management installed, and you uninstall it the archaic way (stop services, rm –Rf and rpm –e CAeAC) any further re-installation creates all sorts of issues ("Tibco not installed" is one of the many errors). The only way I found to resolve it is by following these steps:

1. Install ENTM again (if not installed)

2. Uninstall it properly, using the uninstall scripts/binaries. Make sure ALL subcomponents were uninstalled as well. If not,  DO NOT remove directories, but run their own uninstall binaries within their directories.

3. Once all components have been uninstalled, remove jboss dir, rpm –e CAeAC

4. Attempt a new installation

5. If the installation dooes not succeed… well, I don’t know what else to do except rebuild the OS.


We saw that Tibco wasn't installed properly by going to the EMS Administration Tool from the Start Menu, to the TIBCO folder.

We went to this directory and noticed something within the logs, C:\Users\install_user_you_used\.TIBCO:

Error, tibco_universal_installer, ERROR: The installationRoot specified in the silent install file matches an existing environment., Option selected = OK(0).

An uninstall was needed because it didn't clean everything up that involved Tibco. So, a reinstallation was needed.  Once the uninstallation was done, clear out the %temp% for the user.

Check the Registry for Tibco and delete any references.

Delete the .TIBCO folder.

Make sure, C:\Program Files\CA\, is removed (or at least our AccessControlServer folder)

Check and remove any files that the install log references.. EX: C:\Windows\vpd.properties.tibco.ATC-ENTM0.

Ultimately, the last step if nothing else helps, cleaning the registry is the golden ticket.