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How do I find out if my polling cycle is being hindered by a slow device?


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How do I find out if my polling cycle is being hindered by a slow device?


How to enable and read advanced logging to see if a device is slow to respond during polling.


All supported eHealth versions and their associated supported Operating Systems


To enable the correct detail of advanced logging, we first need to alter one of the configuration files.  The file that we need is:



Note: Before you edit the above file copy it and make a backup in case you need to revert to it.


Inside of debugLog.cfg you will find the below line, this is the line we need to edit to allow for the detail we need:

          program nhiPoller[Net] {
                arguments       "-Dm poller:tb -Df dtp -Dt"


The change that you need to make is by adding a capital D to the arguments line if it is not already there, see below:

          program nhiPoller[Net] {
                arguments       "-Dm poller:tb -Df Ddtp -Dt"


Once this change has been made save the file and open OneClick.  Once you have logged in navigate to:

Tasks and Information -> Setup -> Advanced Logging

Note: Record the directory listed in the bottom section, Advanced Log Directory, this is where the log file will be saved. 



Click the checkbox next to ‘Statistics Poller’ and click apply.  You now have advanced logging enabled.

Wait a sufficient time to gather enough polls to capture what you need to see then disable the advanced logging the same way you enabled it.

Navigate to the directory listed in Advanced Log Directory and view the file: nhiPoller_Net.txt


Inside you will see each poll, they start with a line similar to the below:

          Poller: (poll 43217) poll took 815 seconds


You will also see numerous lines similar to this line and these are each device that was polled and the time it took:

01/13/16 10:26:43.748 [D,poller]   Device [email protected] completed 3 elems in 0.219 seconds with 0 backoffs 0 skipped retries and 0 skipped elems


In the above example the device was polled very quickly and was not a potential reason for the poll taking 815 seconds.  Now take a look at this device, the culprit:

01/13/16 10:26:43.763 [D,poller]   Device [email protected] completed 4594 elems in 795.412 seconds with 18 backoffs  3419 skipped retries  and 0 skipped elems

Additional Information:

1. As the nhiPoller_Net.txt file does NOT show device names just ip addresses or mac addresses you can reference these easily with a search in the elementCfgBackup.dci file located in:



2. If you are polling many devices, a quick way to get this to sort by completion time is to:


1. Copy the poll you want to search
2. Find and replace all spaces with commas
3. Save file as .csv and reopen it in Excel
4. Highlight all and sort by the time column, high to low


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements