Spectrum Connector Offline
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Spectrum Connector Offline


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum connector is showing offline.




SOI integrated with Spectrum via Spectrum connector.


Verify ..CA\SOI\log\SpectrumIM_Connector_<Connector_Name>.log

If it shows following
[CA:[email protected]],01-15-16 06:54:28,ERROR initialize :3414 Could not to connect to model domain on XXXXX
[CA:[email protected]],01-15-16 06:54:28,ERROR initialize :3436 Failed to Initialize the Connector: 
java.lang.Exception: Could not connect to spectroSERVER britwvimapp01. Bad Host entry or spectroSERVER is not running. 
at com.ca.usm.ucf.spectrum.SpectrumSilo.initialize(SpectrumSilo.java:3419) 
at com.ca.usm.ucf.spectrum.SpectrumUCFConnector.initialize(SpectrumUCFConnector.java:101) 
at com.ca.sam.ifw.framework.Silo.Initialize(Silo.java:308) 
at com.ca.sam.ifw.framework.Silo.siloInitialize(Silo.java:500) 
at com.ca.sam.ifw.framework.Connector$8.run(Connector.java:2688) 

Which means connector has problem to connect to SpectroSERVER


Verify if your SpectroSERVER is running or not.

If the SpectroSERVER is not running:

- Stop Spectrum connector from services.msc
 > CA SAM Integration Services
 > CA SAM Event Management
- Start SpectroSERVER
- Clean Spectrum connector cache ..CA\SOI\lib\ivy\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi
- Start Spectrum connector 

If the SpectroSERVER is running:

- Check ports to ensure nothing is being blocked between the SpectroSERVER and the Spectrum connector systems
- Ensure the Spectrum connector system is added Spectrum's 'Host Security' (.hostrc) file
- Ensure the user used to installed and run the Spectrum connector is a valid Spectrum user in the SpectroSERVER database

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