Load BIAR files using biconfig command
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Load BIAR files using biconfig command


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Business Intelligence Archive Resource (BIAR) files are a packaging tool for managed content. They are used to archive folders and objects from CABI.


When an archive is done, the information is saved in biar files. Import Wizard or biconfig command can be used to load this file. This document shows how to use biconfig method. If you want to use Import Wizard see   TEC578365, TEC578365.


All versions


1)   Localize the destination and name of the BIAR file



2)   Create the directory c:\BIConfig on your local machine where BOXI is installed


3)   Copy and Unzip the contents of the BIConfig folder from CABI Media

          [<CABI Media>\ca_tps.nt\CABO\biconfig.zip] to C:\BIConfig.


4)    Add "JAVA_HOME" user environment variable and set to the path of JRE folder delivered by CA as below (If BOXI is installed in C: drive):



5)   Add "C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SC\CommonReporting\jre\bin\" to "%PATH%" system variable.


6)   Modify the xml file which has the parameters to do the load.


-Copy “xml_biar_import.xml” file from “binconfig\samples” utility folder to Biconfig” folder.

-Edit “xml_biar_import.xml” file and specify necessary values for path of the biar file located, DB Username, DB password, System DSN (data source name) specified under Windows Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC drivers). Below is an example of a system where BOXI is connected to SDM installation:




<?xml version="1.0"?>

<biconfig version="1.0">

  <!-- Import BIAR file -->

  <step priority="1">


    <biar-file name="c:\biconfig\CA_ServiceDesk_Reports.biar">


            <rdms>Generic ODBC3 datasource</rdms>










Where SDMxxxx is the ServiceDesk’ password

          casd_sdmserver=Data source name

          sdmserver=server where SDM was installed




7)   Run biconfig command


biconfig.bat -h "<BOXI-hostname>" –u "<BOXI username>" –p "<BOXI pwd>" -f



C:\biconfig>biconfig.bat -h "itcse-r121" –u "Administrator" –p "BOXI1" -f



8)   Check the BIConfig.log to ensure BIConfig import is done successfully


9)   Restart the BOXI CMS [Central Management Server] services.



Additional Information:

Document ID:  TEC578365, TEC578365


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License