Reports sent to AS/400 from mainframe going to wrong queue.
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Reports sent to AS/400 from mainframe going to wrong queue.


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


Reports being sent from the z/OS mainframe are going to the wrong print queue.


Component: XCAS4R


A change needs to be made to the XCOMPRINT default printer file on the AS/400. In the printer file, there is a parameter to indicate which print queue the reports should go to. Currently the parameter is *JOB, which indicates the output queue associated with the job is used for the spooled output. This parameter works fine with SNA, as the associated job is XCOM, but since TCP/IP works differently to SNA, the associated job is not XCOM and the output will not go to the xcom print queue for TCP/IP.

The solution is to hard code the value of this parameter to point to the xcom print queue.

The command on the AS/400 is:

CHGPRTF FILE(XCOM2/xcomprint) OUTQ(*libl/xcom) 

where XCOM2 is the library where xcom is installed.

If you are sending reports from the mainframe, here is a sample destination member to use for sending TCP/IP PSO reports to the AS/400. The name of the destination member in this sample is TESTA.

 TYPE=DEST  IPNAME=<IP Address>>            Put your IP name or address  IPPORT=8044  WRITER=TESTA  NEWDEST=XCOM2\XCOMPRINT           xcom2 is the library where xcom is installed  PSOUSER=userid for as/400  PSOPASS=password for as/400  ACCSEC=NO  VERSION=2