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How to configure the EM Web Server to use the Self-Signed Certificate after importing it to the keystore with alias other than the default 'wily'


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



How to configure the EM Web Server to use the self-signed certificate after importing it to the keystore with alias other than the default 'wily'. For example, a self-signed certificate imported with the following command:

-import -alias myalias -file mycert.crt -keystore keystore -storepass password



To configure the EM Web Server to load the self-signed certificate with the alias 'myalias', you need to specify the alias in the 'certAlias' property in both the em-jetty-config-xml and webview-jetty-config.xml.

To do this, please kindly follow the steps below: 

1. In em-jetty-config.xml file, update the "certAlias" property with the value 'myalias'. For example: 


<Set name="certAlias">wily</Set>


<Set name="certAlias">myalias</Set>


2. In webview-jetty-config.xml, you need to explicitly add the property into the file as it is not included by default. For example:

    Add this line to the file

<Set name="certAlias">myalias</Set>

    For more details, please see TEC1731166


3. Restart EM and WebView, then verify if the self-signed certificate is loaded successfully.


Additional Information:

For more details about the 'certAlias' property, please see TEC1342969


Component: APMISP