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Weblogic Probe Deployment Failure Issue


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)




Deployment of the WebLogic probe to a WebLogic server robot fails with a dependency error (Java) as seen in the below image.

<Please see attached file for image>




CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM), and a robot on a WebLogic server to monitor.

For the case in which this was found:

  • UIM/NMS version: 7.6
  • UMP version : 7.6
  • WebLogic probe version : 1.41
  • Hub probe version: 7.71



The java_jre probe* and WebLogic probe are not both in the probe archive (and/or possibly the java_jre probe has not been deployed to the robot), causing the dependency error, because availability of both are required in the archive for deployment of the WebLogic probe.



  • ·         Ensure the java jre and weblogic probes are both present and downloaded in the hub archive library.
  • ·         Deploy the java_jre probe* to the robot.
  • ·         Deploy the WebLogic probe to the robot, and it should now succeed.


Additional Information:

*In the case in which this solution was found, the dependency directly indicated dependence on jre 1.6 >> the java_jre-1_62 probe. It can be downloaded from here and imported to the archive:


Background and other considerations:

1. distsrv

We suspected that the WebLogic probe (and possibly java) were not in the secondary hub archives. So, check your hub archives for those two and ensure they are there. Turn on forwarding in the primary hub distsrv (Setup Tab > Forwarding Tab).

2. Java

See the Java references in the WebLogic probe documentation... >>
Installation Considerations
Follow these steps:
Install the package into your local archive.
To ensure a successful installation of the probe package (drag-and-drop), it is required that a java.exe (version not critical) exists in the PATH. If no Java runtime is present, install Java JRE 6 or higher.
Drop the package from your local archive onto the targeted robot.
Double-click the probe for initial configuration. On first-time probe configuration, initiated by double-clicking the probe in CA UIM, the installation wizard automatically will be launched. The wizard will prompt you for the path to the java.exe of the version required by the probe.

Known Issues and Workarounds
Some Operating systems (for example, RedHat Linux) bundle a version of Java which is not fully compatible with the Oracle Java runtime, causing the probe to malfunction. This often manifests as connection problems. It is recommended that Oracle Java runtime is installed on the robot to ensure that the probe functions properly.


Additional things to try or consider:

  • ·         We have seen cases where Java 8 caused problems, so if it is there, please try uninstalling Java 8 first, then check the path per these pages >>



...and see if that resolves it. If it does not, uninstall all java fully, and reinstall 6 and verify path. (We have seen cases where a java based probe would not run until all java was removed and a clean java install done.)




Release: CNMSPP99000-7.6-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


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