12.52 SP1 CR02 Adminui Failure when attempting to add a user directory to a Domain
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12.52 SP1 CR02 Adminui Failure when attempting to add a user directory to a Domain


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



When large number of User Directories configured in the Policy Store (for example 90 user Directories) ,you may get an exception from Adminui such as the one shown below when attempting to add one or more directories to a Domain regardless if the domain is an existing one or a new one .


4:12:05,657 ERROR [ui] com.netegrity.webapp.page.TaskController javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: Exception getting value of property UserDirectories of base of type : com.ca.siteminder.framework.tab.AbstractTabHandler$1 

at org.apache.myfaces.el.PropertyResolverImpl.getValue(PropertyResolverImpl.java:99)

at org.apache.myfaces.el.ELParserHelper$MyArraySuffix.evaluate(ELParserHelper.java:489) 

at org.apache.commons.el.ComplexValue.evaluate(ComplexValue.java:145) 

at org.apache.myfaces.el.ValueBindingImpl.getValue(ValueBindingImpl.java:386) 

at javax.faces.component.UISelectItems.getValue(UISelectItems.java:58) 

at com.ca.corpui.faces.renderkit.html.HtmlShuttleControlRenderer.getKeyValueMap(HtmlShuttleControlRenderer.java:1282) 



This is a known issue that was addressed in Defect "DE95585"

The below was Identified to be the Root Cause:

- The Adminui Framework included method that creates agent api connection to fetch user directory. The same method is executed for all user directories which are not even selected which was causing the agent api connections to timeout and fail .

- the provided  DEV fix includes a Change to the Adminui Framework to limit the excessive Agent api connections with PS to fetch directory capabilities from LDAP.

The DEV fix was tested on 12.52 Sp1 Cr02 and confirmed successfully to Note that the same DEV fix will be included officially within 12.52 SP1 CR05




Component: SMAUI