Is it possible to "extract" the Alarm History of a device showing in OneClick?


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CA Spectrum


In the Spectrum OneClick console there is a tab called Alarm History. Is there a possibility to get the Alarm History via RESTful or some other interface?




Release: 20.2.x
Component: SPCAEM - Events and Alarms


It is not possible to do this via RESTful, as Restful can only create events and not "get" events.

The only way to do this, is via the SSORB API. It requires to look for the 0x10701 and 0x10702 events that have the same cause code as the current alarm. Then look at the vardata (8) (global Alarm ID) and vardata (9) (Event_ID_List) to get the alarm set and clear dates and then print out the event using the Event_ID_List of the alarm.