PFM Portfolio select OBS Unit using auto-suggest returns all investments
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PFM Portfolio select OBS Unit using auto-suggest returns all investments


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Clarity PPM On Premise



PFM Portfolio Content Editor Power Filter Expression is producing the incorrect sync results. We created an expression to pick an OBS Unit using auto-suggest. The sync job will returned ALL investments. One symptom of this behavior, in v13.3, due to the maximum investment limitation, it could cause the yellow Alert message to appear indicating that the sync is returning more than 250 investments. Synchronize Portfolio: Maximum investments exceeded.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create OBS Name and ID with different values 
2. Attach Project instances to different levels within the OBS hierarchy
a. Go to Project List View
b. Select an OBS Unit and OBS Filter Mode = 'Unit and descendant'
c. Click 'Filter' 
d. Make a note of the number of investments returned for this filter criteria
3. Create a Portfolio
a. Go to Contents Editor tab, check box to include Projects
b. Click [Build Power Filter]
c. Left Side attribute = OBS (found at the end of the pull-down list)
d. Use auto-suggest to pick an OBS Unit
e. Set OBS Filter Mode to 'Unit and descendent'
f. Click 'Add' button (make a note of the Expression created; it uses the OBS Name)
g. Click 'Save and Return'
4. Sync Now
5. Go to Investments tab, look at the total number of investments 

Expected Result: Number of investments should match filter criteria

Actual Result: All investments are returned


Caused by CLRT-79666

The Power Filter Expression Builder is using the OBS 'Name' value when it should be using the 'ID' value, thereby causing the expression not to be evaluated correctly to return the correct results.

In v13.2, 13.3, 14.1 there is a maximum limitation of 250 investments that can be contained within a Portfolio.  This configuration could generate the Alert: Synchronize Portfolio: Maximum investments exceeded.


This issue is being reviewed by our Sustaining team.


The Power Filter Expression Builder works correctly when the OBS Unit is selected using the 'browse' pop-up window. 
Using the steps above, change step 3-d: Click 'Browse' icon to pick the OBS Unit. 
After adding the new expression, compare it to the first expression created using the auto-suggest.  
The new expression uses the OBS ID value. 
Synchronize the portfolio and now the number of investments match the expected filter criteria.  

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1919875 : What is the system limitations for Portfolio Management and can the limits be extended? 



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus