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When a milestone is changed to a Task in OWB and then again changed back to Milestone in PPM UI, the Finish date of the Milestone becomes earlier than Start Date as it gets set to midnight

Steps to Reproduce:

1.     Make sure that while creating the Milestone task at the first stage, the Start and Finish attributes in the Create Task page should be in DAY format only.
Also the task list page under the project should also display the Start and Finish dates in Day format. Only then can the difference of the Start and finish dates be observed.

  1. Go to Home --> Projects.
  2. Create a new project or open an existing Project.
  3. Go to the task tab and create a new Task.
  4. Mark it as a Milestone.
  5. For example, Start date and finish date is 4/1/2016
  6. Now Save and return.
  7. Open the project in OWB in read-write mode.
  8. Modify the Milestone and make it a Task.
  9. Save the changes and close the project from OWB.
  10. Open the project again in CA PPM UI.
  11. Go to the task tab and open the Task that was modified in OWB.
  12. Again mark it as Milestone from the Task properties page.
  13. Click the Save button. 

Expected Result:  Start and finish date of the Milestone will be 4/1/2016 

Actual Result:  Start date becomes 5/1/2016 and Finish date is 4/1/2016 

Additional Information:

Similar problem can be seen using MSP (Microsoft Project) when a Start No Earlier Than constraint is placed on a milestone and project is opened then saved from MSP without change. The midnight time stamp for the task Finish Date would show as two days back (incorrect) on the task properties page if the display type is Date Time, this makes the Finish Date appear as before the Start Date. On the task list page it is correctly showing one day back and it is exactly the same as Start Date. For a workaround, configure the task properties page to display the Finish Date as Day.   


Applies to 14.3.


Caused by CLRT-79588  


Unresolved.  Target resolution date currently not available.


On the task properties page use other format besides Day such as Day Time



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus