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Why is Endevor going to incremental releases and how will it affect support of Endevor?


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Why is Endevor going to incremental releases and how will it affect support of Endevor?



There are multiple reasons for why Endevor has chosen to go with Incremental releases.

The new features are deliver when the product validation partners have reviewed and pronounced the feature ready. There will be no waiting for other features to be ready, once a feature is ready it can be delivered to our customers as a new increment. 

Smaller releases; new features will be delivered by PTF; in most cases it will be a separate PTF for each new feature.  This will make it easier for customers to install and implement. 

New increment releases will be easy to identify; the “x.x” in the new vv.r.xx release identifier will be supplied as part of each new feature PTF.  Endevor will be enhance to include the full vv.r.xx information wherever the product version / release information is displayed.


In regards to supportability:

Each feature PTF will PRE-REQ all previously published feature and maintenance PTFS.

Customers can report defects for any increment level they are at; but need to understand that all maintenance will be based on the most current increment level available to the customer base.


      Endevor XX.0.00       (presuming this would be the base increment)

      Endevor XX.0.01        1st Incremental release  

      Endevor XX.0.02        2nd Incremental release (PRE-REQ = XX.0.01 + PTFS written against Endevor XX.0.01)

      Endevor XX.0.03        3rd Incremental release  (PRE-REQ = XX.0.02 + PTFS written against Endevor XX.0.02)


Customers should understand that any new features/solutions will be created based on the current incremental level available to our customer  base. There may be the need to install new features and up to date maintenance to apply a new PTF.




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